Unable update from v12.2 to v12.3

Following a motherboard failure on my PC, I have recently replaced the m/board, cpu and ram, I have also installed a clean copy of Windows 10 Home edition (after previously running various Win 10 betas etc).

I reinstalled Dopus 12 from a zip I already had and installed my certificate OK, however, every time I start the PC, I get a message that an updated v12.3 is ready for installation. I have tried to install this several times, but am still on v12.2 and have no idea why this is happening. (All other software I have installed on this PC is updating correctly, e.g. Office etc, so I don't think it is a security problem?)

Any ideas gratefully received...


Make sure you reboot if prompted at the end of the installation.

If still having problems, uninstall Opus completely and then reboot. (Before doing this, if you wish to keep your config, back it up using Settings \ Backup & Restore. The uninstall will wipe the config so you'll need the backup if you don't want to reset to the default config.)

After rebooting, check the C:\Program Files\GPSoftware directory is completely removed. If anything is left, delete it manually.

Finally, download the installer from our website and run that.