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Unacceptable break on error during move operation

When I move files using the move button, and the file exists in destination, I receive a terrible error message. The error dialog offers no Retry, Ignore for all, Ignore Once options like I would expect. Instead it offers a single "OK" button and that's it. See attachment.

Can this be improved? I expect more from my Filemanager than a breaking error and complete defeat like this on a simple move operation :slight_smile:

For example, rename offers more options in case the file exists, even though move is basically just a rename?!


That's not saying the file exists, it's saying the source and destination folders are the same.
You're trying to move a file over itself, which is impossible - a retry option would be pointless there since the whole operation is meaningless.

But I have started a move operation involving thousands of files from a flat view into the (same) destination folder. Since I chose "Same Folder" some of the files might clash like that, but many others, ~800 or so that are being moved from sub-folders into the parent, will not clash. I will not need a retry button, but I would like it to continue then, so some kind of ignore and continue button is needed.

Flat View was the key detail here.

We've made a change that auto-skips files in that scenario, which should be part of 12.18.1. (Probably not in 12.18, as it's a bit risky this late in the cycle.)

Awesome, thanks :smile: