Unattended operation doesn't really work!

So I need to copy/move two different folders, where each one takes long.
So I queue the second.
Since the first started already, it pops what to do with existing files in destination. I instruct it.
But since I cannot wait for the second, I click "unattended operation", the window to set it up pops, I set things up for existing files (NOTE: WHAT TO DO WITH FOLDERS IS MISSING, replace/skip/merge, which is already a problem) and close the unattended operation window.
"Unattended operation" remains clicked, seemingly saying that DOpus will handle issues.
Only it doesn't.
First copy finishes... and DOpus asks me what to do with existing folders (I merge) and then ALSO asks me what to do with files, ignoring "unattended operation" fully.

Not sure I do this wrong, but to me it just looks it doesn't really work.

I use unattended mode all the time and have never seen what you describe.

I'm currently using 12.27. What version are you having this problem with?

To test, I essentially copied a large folder twice into the same destination, so the first copy completed, and the second was 100% conflicted.

I hit 'unattended operation' during the first copy, and left it on the default of 'Treat as an error'.

It completed the first copy, skipped all the files on the second copy, and stopped with the "error list" on display.

Closing the error list completed the copy.

Could you maybe describe what you are doing in more detail?
Could you also maybe describe what you mean by the following;

(NOTE: WHAT TO DO WITH FOLDERS IS MISSING, replace/skip/merge, which is already a problem)

Specifically where do you see options for "missing folders"?

In version 12.27, I see

When file exists:
Replace / Keep newer / Rename existing / Skip or Treat as error


Thanks for the reply.

  1. I am on the latest version, but have noticed this for months, so it doesn't seem to affect it.

  2. When I use unattended operation, it is not usually to "treat as an error", but to "keep newer" and "skip identical". Maybe try this scenario? Also try with including folders that exist in source and destination (see #3 below).

  3. I didn't say "missing folders". I said the option to handle existing folders is missing from unattended operation. In other words, how does "unattended operations" handle it if in the destination are some folders that exist in the source too? Does it merge by default? Because for me it just asks, even if I have "unattended operations" clicked...

...and then asks also what to do with the files. It completely ignores that I have set "unattended".

I understand. I must have misread the original statement in all caps.

Have considered ticking the "merge folders without asking" option?


I have disabled the prompt to confirm folder merging, because I always want to merge.


That might help.

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Will try that, thanks.
Where are the confirmation settings?

That said, is it not weird to keep asking for things when clearly the user decides for unattended operation?
I mean in practice, something is not working right, you let this go and leave and it simply will not finish but wait for feedback.

Did you try the scenario I said?

  • Leave confirmation settings default (because really the mean user wouldn't think of touching those).
  • Start two copies (that you know have conflicts INCLUDING folder conflicts).
  • While first goes through, set unattended operation so that second hopefully will not ask for user interaction.
  • Set it to skip identical and keep newer.

...it shouldn't ask for anything when the second copy starts, yet, it will ask. So in fact "unattended operation" is not unattended.
Try that if you can.

There’s a checkbox for that, as seen in PerlLlama’s screenshots.