Unattended operation inconsistency with archives

When I select a bunch of archives and "extract to destination," when I enable unattended operation while extracting and then select "Replace," it get's reset to "treat as error" as soon as the current file finishes extracting.

This really makes the unattended operation useless and seems to be in contradiction with it being a "single job" I guess. Is there any way around this?

Each archive is treated as a separate operation at the moment.

If you specify the unattended options as part of the command, they should make it through to all of the archives, if I remember correctly.

(It's also possible it depends on the archive type(s) involved as Zip is handled internally while everything else goes via a plugin.)

Hmm, it must depend on the archive type.

I tried
and it still keeps popping up the replace and merge requesters. I am extracting a bunch of .lha files.

It is weird because there is also the time during file counting, where, paradoxically, it counts files in all archives, only to never really use or display that total count result ever again. During that time I can also select unattended and replace all, but again it resets later.

I still think this archive behaviour warrants an improvement in the source code to make unattended work as intended with all types of archives. While the previous reported behaviour was merely inconsistent, the command arguments to the copy command should always work.