Unattended operation with queue - not quite "unattended"

Background: I downloaded a collection of zip files from Google Takeout. within each zipfile there was a particular folder I need to unzip. The folder repeats across all the zipfiles, since it is a huge tree and Takeout had to split it up.

Dopus was great for handling this situation except for the below-described issue.

Scenario & Issue

When I queue up the additional (identically-named) folders to copy their contents also, I got something like this:

Once the current job finished and the next one started, I got this prompt:


and it waited for my response. This was rather disappointing to see the next morning. I expected it to know the answer based on the fact that I had already specified what to do "When file exists:".


This looks to me like a bug. It may be related to this previously reported (and reportedly fixed) bug here.

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Team Dopus - any comment? Can this bug be addressed in an upcoming release? Note this problem will go away if you eliminate that superfluous dialog, as I explained here:

Fix two bugs for the price of one :slight_smile: