Unblock button not working in file properties dialog

I purchased a new Logitech gaming mouse and downloaded the latest Logitech Gaming Software to be able to program the mouse. The file downloaded was an executable which is blocked from running by default. When I right click the properties and under the security tab click the UNBLOCK button, it appears to work as the button disappears but the file is still blocked from running. If I go to windows explorer and do the same, it unblocks the file no problem. I am not using the integrated explorer mode, just running opus as a file manger app. I have the latest version 11.13 x64. I can't say for sure if this issues is from the latest update since I rarely download an exe file, usually zip or other archive types that don't get blocked so the last time I needed to unblock was many revisions of dopus ago.

The Properties dialog and Unblock button are not actually part of Opus. They are part of Windows, and Opus just tells Windows to display the dialog. What happens after the dialog is displayed is up to Windows (and any shell extensions which add pages to the dialog, which probably are not relevant in this case).

I've tried here and the Unblock button is working OK when the Properties dialog is launched from Opus 11.3.1 on my system.

Antivirus may be a factory, especially with .exe downloads, if it is locking the file in some way when you try to unblock it, maybe because it's taking a while to scan after the download completes. We can only really guess, though, since the Unblock button and the code behind it is in Windows and not something Opus is directly involved with.