Uninstall DO 11

I can't seem to get the uninstall to work. I've tried using Windows Uninstall, Revo and Special to no avail. It just hangs every time. Not only can I not access DO at all due to the temporary license ending but I can't uninstall it and go back to the prior version. Can I just install 10 overtop of 11?

Anecdotally, people who routinely use Revo Uninstaller seem to have run into a lot of weird problems with their PCs over the years. Could be coincidence, though.

Installing 10 over the top of 11 should work, but you may wish to manually delete your configuration folders as well as the main Directory Opus folder to ensure things aren't left over.

To find the config folders: How to backup or locate your Opus configuration (Simple)

Wasn't easy to delete. There were several programs that had a lock on one of the dll's. My antivirus was one of them and while I was able to kill the other processes I couldn't kill the antivirus. Even setting it to not monitor didn't seem to release the lock. I had to boot into KDE to delete the folder and then I was able to install the older version.