Unintended visual effect

( am french Google translate is my friend)

Since can I have a "visual effect" on my lister I explain on my double horizontal display
when I click on the bottom part it changes to "large" and the top part "smaller" ditto in the other direction

Do I understand correctly? Something is changing size when you click on different parts of the window, and you don't want that to happen.

Could you post a couple of screenshots showing what happens?

Google translate is my friend
Hello Leo
On photo 1 I click on a folder (red arrow) this goes large and on photo 2 the top part has to be reduced (red arrow) ?? :frowning:

And that is what is already happening, correct? (Not what you want to make happen?)

Opus should not normally behave that way. Do you have any scripts installed? A script is the most likely cause of that behavior.

You can see which scripts are installed by going to Settings > Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts.

Google translate is my friend

Thank you Leo for this quick response

I will see compared to the script to install because my "home" computer does not but my laptop does (with the laptop I test everything is nonsense before validating my modifications (or my errors)
a big thank you again

Google translate is my friend

yes that was it, disabling scripts that I don't use is now the visual effect is gone

Thanks Leo

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