Unique folder view?

Im wondering if this is possible - I can seem to find exactly what I want.

Basically, I would like to be able to view some folders which just display a picture and a line of text or two below the picture. Now this is almost achievable with what there currently is, but call me nit-picking, every time I try it, I always have a yellow folder behind the picture I want, I dont want the yellow folder! lol

The reason I would like this is as follows. I buy a lot of texture cd's and quite often you can assosciate what is on that cd by it's cover picture, not nescessarily "Textures 1" which may be its title. So for example I may have "Textures 1" through to "Textures 16", the words themselves dont really mean too much, but the cover art will make me think "ahh, thats the puppy".

Essentially, something like this is what I want

The main thing for me is to not have the yellow folder behind the preview pic, the preview pic to be a custom size etc...


Copy or rename the folder images to "coverart.jpg" and the folder thumbnails will look like a CD case with just that cover. That's the closest you can get.

It works best with covers that are square or nearly square.