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Universal Viewer and Directory Opus

I'd like to integrate Universal Viewer ( with Directory Opus. How can I do that?

Integrate in which sense?

You can't turn it into something that will run with the Opus viewer panel without doing some programming (assuming Universal Viewer has an API which lets you in the first place). (Unless it offers an ActiveX control or Vista/Office2007 Preview Handler, which is uncommon.)

If you just want UV to open when you double-click files then that's very easy. You probably just need to tell Opus not to override image filetypes with its own viewer. (See the FAQs for a guide on how to do that. It's in one of the sections near the top from memory.)

Thank you very much, leo. :slight_smile:

In this one:

[quote]Q1: How to integrate Universal Viewer into popular file managers?


Total Commander
"Configuration -- Options" dialog, "Edit/View" tab, check "External Viewer" and enter path to Viewer.exe into "Default:" field. If this path contains spaces, double-quote it first.

This will assign Viewer to F3 key.

Also you may create toolbar button to call Viewer with several files selected on TC file panel. Drag Viewer.exe file onto TC toolbar empty space, new toolbar button will be created. Rigth-click it, select Change and in the Parameters field enter "@%L" (with quotes).

FAR Manager
"Options -- Viewer settings" dialog, check "Use for Alt+F3" and enter path to Viewer.exe with additional macros into "Viewer command:" field:
"C:\Program Files\Universal Viewer\Viewer.exe" "!!.!"

This will assign Viewer to Alt+F3 key.

Also you may pass to UV list of files selected on FAR file panel. To do this, change the value of "Viewer command:" field like this:
"C:\Program Files\Universal Viewer\Viewer.exe" "@!@AF!"

"Extras -- Settings" dialog, "Programs" tab, enter path to Viewer.exe into "External viewer" field.

This will assign Viewer to Shift+F3 key.

To assign Viewer to F3 key, go to "Extras -- Define shortcuts" dialog, and for the "File - View external" command set the F3 shortcut.

"Extra -- Settings" dialog, "Advanced -- Applications & Internet" tab, enter path to Viewer.exe into "Viewer:" field.

This will assign Viewer to F3 key.

Why not just assign UV {File} to F3 key? Does it not work for some reason?

No idea how to do that.

Settings -> Customize -> Keys -> double click a hotkey (or create a new one) -> Advanced button

Your code should be something like:

"C:\Program Files\Universal Viewer\Viewer.exe" {o}

If you want a toolbar button as well as or instead of a hotkey, the video tutorial on toolbar editing combined with Christiaan's command should get you there.

BTW, It may be better to use {f} (full path to the file) instead of {o} (just the filename). In other words:

"C:\Program Files\Universal Viewer\Viewer.exe" {f}