Unlimited tabs in Vista SP1? How do I do it?

How can I open unlimited tabs in directory opus? Tabs like the tab browsing in firefox and internet explorer. In commander mode you can have 2 tabs open, but is there a way to open UNLIMITED tabs in directory opus?

Please tell me how to do this if it is possible. It is very clumsy opening 10 instances of directory opus, when one instance should be possible with everything in tabs.

If it's not possible, I really think you should add this functionality to directory opus. Tabbed browsing - even our files - is the best way to go. It stops "clutter" all over the desktop.

thank you


Are you talking about tabs or file displays?

BTW, there is only ever one instance of Opus. All windows come from the same process.

To open more tabs: Just double click the tab-bar or right click -> new tab

When you mean 'unlimited file displays', you could read this post:

[url]Multiple panes]