Unmounted virtual drive still showing in folder tree

I mounted an ISI image file using a program called PowerISO. When I was finished using it I unmounted but the drive is still showing in my folder tree. I went to Windows Explorer & sure enough it indicates the drive is no longer there. Dopus still thinks it is. Anyone know how to fix this? I looked around in Preferences but I didn't see anything there in particular, but maybe I'm just missing something.

Thanks in advance & have a great Day!!


Maybe PowerISO didn't send a notification when the drive was unmounted (or maybe Opus missed it somehow).

Try making a button which runs Go REFRESH=tree and clicking that, or fully exit Opus and then restart it.

I have tried both of your suggestions with no success. This drive has been showing for several day through multiple system restarts/reboots & the issue persists. PowerISO must have sent a notification because Windows Explorer got it. It's not showing in it's folder tree. o I'm not sure where to go from here. Is there a "repair" function in DOpus some where?

1 More thing about this. I just noticed that when I select "Computer" in the Folder tree & the drives are are all listed on the right side file display,,, low & behold that drive is NOT listed there. It's only showing up in the folder tree side of the display. Hmmmm???

If it shows up across reboots then we can ignore my missed-notification theory.

Is the drive actually unmounted (should be gone completely) or is it just empty (like a physical DVD drive without a disc in it)?

Compare Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance: Show in Folder Tree: Empty disk drives with Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders: Native display of 'Computer': Show empty disk drives.

My appologies Leo. This is a new sytem build that I've just completed. 1 of the components, a new Dell U2410 Flat Panel Monitor, has an SD/MMC card reader built into the side of the monitor & that's what the drive I mistook for a virtual drive actually, is as it turns out. My mistake, Leo. Sorry I wasted your time. I'll just go crawl back in my hole now :>).