Unofficial Directory Opus on Google+

I wanted to make sure that someone that loved Dopus (and someone willing to turn it over to the team should they want it) snatched up the Directory Opus page on Google+.

So you can find the page here: ... 8544/posts
(a bit easier on the eyes and memory)

There isn't a lot of activity right now - but there could be! If you're a die hard G+'er like me - come and share your tips and hints and information.

And to the Dopus team - I can put you guys on as Managers of the page so you have full rights to make sure nothing funny goes on - or I'd even be happy to fully transfer it to you.

(feel free to move this post, guys - I wasn't sure where else to put it)

G+ seems like a good place to post links or copies of news/hints/ideas, for people who regularly check G+ but not the forum, blog or twitter...

...but if someone has written a new hint/idea and wants to share/discuss it, doesn't it make sense to keep everything in one place, here at the forum, so people looking for things only have to look in one place?

People can post to both places, of course (a bit like we post copies of some things to the blog), and some people may much prefer chatting about stuff on G+ than on the forum, which is fair enough. Maybe it'll help other people discover Opus, too. Is someone's activity on a G+ group visible to other people following that person but not following the group itself? I haven't used G+ enough to know.

Of course, it's not up to me where people choose to post their thoughts; I'm just trying to understand what the advantage of posting to G+ is versus posting to the main forum.

Sure, add me on as a Manager if it's easy to do. I've just followed you and the group on there. (I very rarely look at it, though. Tried it for a while but found it a bit redundant next to Twitter + Facebook.)