Unresponsive showing audio tooltips with lyrics (dbPowerAmp)

I have noticed this issue with every version of the software I have used. It always happens for all media files that contain lyrics in tags. It appears that dopus is attempting to display all tag data including all lyrics increasing the pop-up size as needed. Windows Explorer does not share this issue, and the pop-up is a fixed small size with only as much tag info able to fit into the fixed pop-up.

I have screenshots of both scenarios where dopus freezes and Windows Explorer handles it without issue:

How do you have the infotip defined for .flat files (or possibly for the Music filetype group)? That's not the standard tooltip that Opus shows for music files.

Is there a file tagged in this way you can share with us so we can look at what Opus is doing? I don't think dbPowerAmp should be putting that kind/amount of text into an infotip but we might be able to improve what happens when it does.

What Explorer is doing seems wrong as well, but I think the real issue is dbPowerAmp putting data into the infotip which really isn't suited to being there. Explorer truncates it, so it seems pointless and unsuitable even ignoring what Opus does.

Does dbPowerAmp have options for which information it adds to tooltips?

Here's a nice example I just created that will help you address this issue. It is my own creation of Pink Noise containing a public domain poem by Winthrop Mackworth Praed. This freezes the latest version of Directory Opus very nicely. It does eventually come to life and show the info. However, Dopus becomes basically unusable. A user must kill the process to regain control.

Explorer truncating is what I believe to be defensive coding. It doesn't hang or crash. Props to Microsoft.

Pink_Noise.zip (360.5 KB)

Here is how dbpoweramp itself handles this file when editing the tag:

Thanks for the example file.

We've reproduced the issue and added a workaround for the next version. We'll truncate infotip text at 1024 characters the same as File Explorer does.

It's hard to think why dbPowerAmp adds that amount of data to these infotips, since they only get displayed in one place, and it's either going to be truncated or cause major problems. (The issue wasn't in Opus, but in the Windows tooltip control, which starts using huge amounts of CPU if you ask it to display a lot of text with very long lines it has to wrap to fit.)

So this shouldn't be a problem in the next update, but it's really a flaw in dbPowerAmp which we are working around.

As a note, the infotip text for that file was 13493 long. About thirteen pages of text and thirteen times what File Explorer would actually display before truncating the data (and losing anything after the lyrics tag).