Unwanted change from Details to Symbol Views

Hi All,

I have set up and succesfully updated my "explorer-lister" the way I like, it always displays the files in details-view. But this is only true, when looking at drives (like C:) and folders. When klicking on "My Computer" the view changes to symbol-view automatically (and unwanted).

I tried everything to stop that, as I would prefer to stay in details-view, but did not succeed. I manually changed back to details-view, updated the lister and so on, but next time when changing from c:\windows to My Computer same problem again.

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic.

PS-1: Please pardon wrong expressions and terms, English is not my origin language.

PS-2: High compliment for DO, surely the best file commander I´ve seen (and I started ages ago with 1Dirplus, if anyone can remember).

Put My Computer in details view as you did before, then immediately exit (close) the lister. The next time you use DOpus to go to My Computer it should be in details view.

My compliments, that really works and did the job !

Many THX for your kind and helpful reply !