Unwanted Convert numbers to numpads in shortcuts when changing input language

I think it would be better if I show it with a short video

I also tested in other sections, when I change the input language, some of my shortcuts do not work
But I remember reading an article that changing the input language should not affect the shortcuts

This is happening because Opus designates hotkeys using virtual keys, not physical keys.

The default hotkey is defined as Control + (Latin) 1. On a US Keyboard this can be typed either with the top row numbers or the numeric keypad.

On a Persian keyboard however, the top row numbers are normally used for entering Persian numbers (١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩) and only the numeric keypad produces Latin numbers (1234567890).

When Opus displays the tooltip is looks up using the current input language what keystrokes on the current keyboard produce the designated virtual key. When a Persian keyboard is in use the only key that produces a Latin 1 character is the 1 key on the numeric keypad.


Thanks for the clarification, so for example, for copy to destination, it is enough to define both ctrl + 1 and ctrl + ۱ (alternative).
But it is not possible : (21 sec)

(When making the second shortcut, it changes the first shortcut)