Unwanted header on CDROM lister

Hi again,

Please see the attached screenshot. Can't find a setting to hide that header. Had a similar issue with local drives lister and went away by setting "Group By" to None. In this case there is no such option, see the context menu in the screenshot.

Thanks a lot.

Nevermind, right clicking that header gives me an "Ungroup" option. I don't really get the grouping criteria though, this is a read-only disk. Makes sense only for an open writable disk. And the "Group by" option missing from the context menu is a bug, IMHO.

Does Windows Explorer show the same thing?

This is how it looks in explorer. Notice that the header text is different, so this one belongs to Explorer, while the one from the previous screenshot belongs to DO. And the context menu does contain the "Group by" entry.

The grouping option is there in the default lister context menu.

It looks like you are using a menu that you have customised, where the grouping options have been left out.

You're 100% percent right :slight_smile: Mea culpa. I forgot about this customization totally. Anyway, having the ungroup option in header's context menu is really nice.