Unwanted lister on startup

Hi Folks, Im new here, and I gotta little problem. Evreything was fine until I did a little upgrade on myputer. (New graphics card, power supply, and Norton Ghost.) Now DOpus opens this lister on startup. ( The lister where Norton Ghost and DOpus is.) even tho it`s set to "Not open any listers on startup" How can I stop this??

This happens if a program opens a folder every time you reboot. It's probably not Opus causing it, but a program (or a shortcut in the startup folder or registry) telling Windows to display the folder, which is then displayed by Opus if it's in Explorer replacement mode.

If you disable Explorer replacement mode you should see an Explorer window open instead when you reboot.

Tracking down the program/shortcut which is causing the file can be a pain, though Ghost sounds like a likely culprit in this case.

Thanx Webmaster, I`ll check that out.

Princey... do you see this on "System" startup or when you manually start Opus from a shortcut for the first time?

I have this 'problem' in only a very specific case, when I've had to kill the Opus process after I run into problems deleteing folders that Opus has latched onto and won't release - and must re-start Opus again from the shortcut. In this case, the /autolister switch in the shortcut target is what was causing the lister to open when I restart it using this shortcut (the one placed on the desktop by Opus install).