Unzip the selected package in the folder button should be how to write

I need a function

Inside the folder, there are 1 or more compression packages.

I don't want to open the folder.

Just select the folder containing the tarball and then press a button to automatically traverse and unzip all the zip files in the folder to the name of the zip file.

Can this be achieved?

This effect


It is best to use RAR 7Z BANDIZIP

to fulfill

If you can't do the DO built-in decompression, you can do it.

That can be done, but may require a bit of script code. Please link your account and we can work out the command or script for you.

You can achieve this by using this button I created with 7-zip.

First make sure you have 7-zip installed and the button on a toolbar. Navigate to the folder containing the compression packages, click the newly installed button. This will display only the compression packages in the folder and any subfolders. At this point all you need to be is select all the compression packages, right click, and extract to folder with 7-zip.

Technically speaking you could completely automate this process by passing all the archive full paths to 7-zip and 7-zip does support command line.