Up/down keys to change folder during inline rename in folder tree

Hi guys, is it possible to allow up/down keys to change folders in the folder tree while doing inline rename in the tree, similar to how it does in the file listing, saving any renamed folder names before changing folder?

Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this in the next update.

You guys are amazing, Opus just gets better and better!

Hello, thanks for adding this feature, it works well. I would like to ask if it can be extended though so that you can continue renaming through folders at different levels (up/next then through the children). I have found a different way to do what I want by using this command "Set FlatView=Toggle,Grouped QuickFilterFlags=HideFiles" - this shows the folder structure (without files) in the file listing and allows inline renaming going through all folders at all levels. Might you be able to reproduce this behaviour in the folder tree?

Many thanks.