Update 10.5.3 reset my toolbar

The latest update reset my customized toolbar with the default settings after installation and reboot.
How can I prevent that behavior and how can I get my own toolbar back?

That shouldn´t be the standard behavior. You should find your own toolbar, when you right click on a toolbar, select -> toolbars.

Thanks, but unfortunately it reverted the application toolbar, which I had customized.

Did you install over the top or did you uninstall the old version first? (Uninstalling will erase the config.)

Which version did you update from?

Do you know if you've switched Opus into Shared Configuration mode? (Not sure if it would be a factor but worth knowing if you have so we know whether or not to look at that.)

I did an update from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3, as I got the popup hint that there is a new non-beta release.
As I have no idea what the Shared Config Mode does, I very likely haven't used it.

I might add, that this dopus is running on Windows Vista 64bit (it is my older system, where I do take less care with new updates).
I remember that there had been once an update with a similar problem - I think it was from dopus 9 to 10.
Anyway, since then I had never a problem with the small updates.

Updating from 9 to 10 would (intentionally) turn off your old toolbars and turn on the new default ones, but that was a one-off event and you could just turn them back on afterwards.

The way the preset toolbars are handled in the latest update hasn't changed from the previous ones, at least as far as I am aware, so it's weird if it did something different to the last update.

Installing an update may replace the preset toolbars which are under /dopusglobaldata/Buttons but in the normal Private Configuration mode those toolbars would not affect you as your own toolbars are stored in /dopusdata/Buttons and the other set are only used the first time a new account runs Opus (where it will create its own private copy of the global configuration files).