Update an USB export to a new version

I exported Directory Opus 9.5 to an USB device, and in the license manager the USB export becomes 0.

Now if I update to version how can I update the version of Opus installed in my USB device. The USB export will become available again?

Exporting to USB doesn't change the number of USB licences. It doesn't count down or anything like that.

You might find the number is zero if you're looking at it via the copy on the USB device. USB copies cannot create copies of themselves, so that would make sense (though I'm not actually sure if it's what is displayed in that situation; I'd have to check).

If you launch Opus from your HDD (which you need to do anyway in order to export a new version to USB) you should find it shows your licence to do a USB export and allows you to do so.


Thank you for your help.