Update linkage issue

With some programs after version checking a window pops up offering the update; when that happens I find I get a Dopus lister showing C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application and do not get to the program's website for the download. :confused:

Is that due to an issue in Windows, Chrome, Directory Opus, or the program in question?

(I notice it with Auslogic's BoostSpeed but I think I have seen it elsewhere too.)

I use Chrome, the latest Dopus and Win 8.1 on one machine and Win 7 on the other. Dopus is set to replace Windows Explorer.

Regards -- Mike Scott

If you turn off Explorer Replacement, do you get an Explorer window instead of an Opus window?

It sounds like the program (BoostSpeed) is trying to launch the default web browser and ask it to open a website, but is either doing so incorrectly or doing something unusual which is confusing Opus (or both).

Just tested. No, it goes through to Chrome as it ought to, if I switch Dopus from replacing Win Explorer. Any advice?

Thanks for checking that!

We've done an investigation and found the tool is launching a web browser in quite an unusual way, but one which we can add support for.

A fix for this should be in Opus 11.12.4 and later versions.

Brilliant. I look forward to that.
Cheers -- Mike