Update permissions/encryption to match the destination

Is there a registry key I can amend to implement this for all users - currently the check box only works for current user.

Many thanks

If you're using per-user (not shared) configs, you'd need to edit /dopusdata\ConfigFiles\prefs.oxc for each user.

Unfortunately, the setting is stored as a 64-bit bit field which is a bit of a pain to edit, but could be done by a script.

It's on the fileop tag's flags attribute:

<fileop flags1="0x280e02b17fe8667"

The 64-bit hex number there would need to be ORed with 0x80000000:

<fileop flags1="0x280e02b97fe8667"

(The 0x prefix just means the numbers after the prefix are in hex format.)

Perfect, thanks for the info - how do we create a shared config - this would make things easier for us?

You can change between Shared and Private config modes via here in the Preferences dialog:

In the shared mode, config data is stored in C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus (or similar, depending on OS version).

One thing to note is that it makes it possible for people to affect each other's configs, depending on how the folder and files below it are permissioned. (I think the installer may also modify the permissions on that folder so watch out for that if you want to lock it down; they may change again when you install an update.)