Update with restart in Windows 10


I would like to know, when updating DO why I'm given only the option to restart the system, at my system Windows 10.

Any one can answer to this?

Later installers will offer to shut Opus down and let you install without a reboot.

I have installed the last version 12.19.2 and it offered to shut Opus but didn't let to install without reboot.

That may mean something else is locking some of the files.

(It can also happen if the PC hasn't rebooted since installing 5 or more updates, but that's probably not the case here if you restarted for the previous one as well.)

It seems that some libraries are only updated after reboot. Can you tell me what libraries are changed so that I can inspect if they are in use by any other app?

The DLL files in the Opus folder.

But it shouldn't normally matter if they are in use, unless something is locking them from even being renamed.

Do you have a lot of zzzTempOldFiles or similar folders in the Opus folder?

Yes I have 4 of those folders

If you've rebooted and those folders were't deleted afterwards, something might be breaking the Windows move/delete-on-reboot functionality.

You can delete the folders by hand, which will allow updates without having to reboot, unless/until the folders build up again.

OK. I deleted the folders. Now let's wait for the beta.

Thanks for the explanations.