Updating filecollections

I would like to se a feature that updates a file collection. This could be done by having the shearch pattern and search paths included in the collection file.
Then I could just select my collection and do an update on it before I use it. I use collections for images, video files, and others. I also tend to move files around for different reasons. It would also been nice to have descriptions on the files in the collection like we have in folders. Actually, a description on the collections would be nice to.


I can't help with the Descriptions but if your collection is the result of a find operation then you can easily create a set of buttons or menus which update your collections.

You'd have to have a separate button for each collection -- so you can't have a single "Update the collection I'm looking at" button -- but that's the only real limitation, I think.

Have a look in the manual at the Find command, which can be given a saved filter which specifies the search parameters and can also be given a collection name to use for the results.