Updating from Opus 10 to Opus 12. Precautions?


I have Directory Opus 10 64 bit version latest released version installed on my computer currently.

Over the years, I have changed some settings in particular favorite folders and other information like that. I have also exported the Directory Opus Latest configuration to .opus file including all settings, images, windows positions and everything checked.

I have purchased the Directory Opus 12 now and wish to install the same and have queries regarding same.

  1. Do I have to uninstall Directory Opus 10 before installing Directory Opus 12 or can I install Directory Opus 12 over Directory Opus 10 directly?

  2. What are the changes in the appearances, working of Directory Opus 12 which I should expect out of the box when moving from Directory Opus 10? I mainly use dual windows, find files, copying, moving files and folders, file counts, total file counts, flat mode, group by etc. features

  3. Are there any precautions that I need to take BEFORE I install Directory Opus 12?

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You can install Opus 12 over the top of Opus 10.

Uninstalling the old version isn't needed, and would wipe your configuration.

(Config backups from Opus 10 can be loaded into Opus 12, so if you have a backup it doesn't matter as much, but uninstalling is still not required.)

Although the installer may not ask you to, it's best to reboot the machine after installing the update, to ensure the old Opus 10 components are no longer being used by other software. (You don't normally need to update when installing later Opus 12 updates, though.)

There are six years of changes since the final Opus 10 update and the current Opus 12 release, which is too much to summarise (or remember!).

We have some videos on YouTube covering the main features added in Opus 12.0 and 12.10 (but not Opus 11):

Making a config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore) is always a good idea, even if you shouldn't normally need it.

Also, keep this FAQ in mind:

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I appreciate the prompt and the detailed response.

I will right away install Directory Opus 12 over Directory Opus 10.

Thanks and Regards,

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I have installed Directory Opus 12 over Directory Opus 10 and installed the license certificate. To be on safe side, I restarted my machine too.

However, although I have to still play around with new features, I find that the default lister and its appearance, in particular fonts have changed. I had slightly bigger fonts to make it easier to read and I also had slightly bigger fonts on the status bar text also on the Directory Opus 10 configuration for default lister and for all listers it used to work.

Is this change because of new version or is it because of something else that I am seeing this ?

Should I re-import the settings that I had exported from Directory Opus 10 before installing the new version to make things like before ?

Will it change anything else in the new features being disabled or not working properly if I re-import the old settings?

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Font sizes in old configs were reset as part of the new high DPI support.

You just need to change the sizes once through Preferences again after an old config is converted to the new version, if the defaults aren't what you want.


It is a while that I have been using Directory Opus 10 and the settings I had changed were over the years. I do not remember the font names or sizes for the listers nor do I remember all the other settings that I had changed from default Directory Opus 10 settings.

In Directory Opus 12, I find that I do not have the status bars with customized displays from Directory Opus 10 even after I imported all the settings exported from Directory Opus 10 and completely replaced the Directory Opus 12 settings.

I need some help in figuring out from the exported settings file from Directory Opus 10 or the last alternative I can think is to uninstall Directory Opus 12 completely, install Directory Opus 10 again, import all the settings from the exported file and then figure out the changes, copying them in notepad and later on making similar changes in Directory Opus 12. This is quite a bit of work I guess as the changes are multiple and I can remember

Status Bars,
Preference Changes,
Favourite Changes
Display Changes for Various Listers etc.

at the very least.

Help in identifying EACH of the changed settings in Directory Opus 10 from the default Directory Opus 10 settings and migrating them over to Directory Opus 12 will be highly appreciated.

Most of the settings are preserved and don't need to be worried about.

If you send your config backup via private message I can tell you your old status bar codes and font sizes from it.

How do I send a private message ?

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