Updating portable version

Hi guys,

I regularly update my Portable version of Opus but my colleague doesn't. Can he copy the updated files from my memory stick to his?



Yes, that should work fine, at least unless we change how the USB export works in an update (but if we did that you'd probably be able to see the two drives were really different, so you'd know a simple copy wouldn't work).

You'll want to avoid copying the personal config dirs (unless you want to replace their config with yours).

I think these are the folders it makes sense to copy/replace below the DOPUS dir:

[li]x86 (if you want both 64 and 32 bit versions)[/li][/ul]

For the files directly below DOPUS, you'd want to copy everything except dopus.cert and userdata.omd.

Don't forget to copy the small DOPUS.exe at the root of the drive, too. It doesn't change often but we do change it occasionally (e.g. it changed when we added the ability to automatically launch the right 32-bit or 64-bit version).

Brilliant, thanks Leo.

I've just noticed that I've got a DOPUS.exe file in the root folder, plus another one in the O:\DOPUS\ folder. Is this correct?

The properties are shown below...

Yes, they're both needed and different to each other.

Thanks for confirming.