Upgrade from 11 to 12: My Dopus11 toolbars and menus aren't there

Thanks for the upgrade but all my preset menus have gone and there are menu bars (Menu and Operations) that I don't want which I can't remove. I've followed the instructions three times now. The Dopus 11 toolbars are nowhere to be seen.

These instructions? Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade

What do you see in the toolbar list?

Did you install 12 directly over the top of 11, or something else?

Yes. This doesn't happen: "The easiest way to get back to them is to go to Settings -> Toolbars -> Toolbar Sets -> Directory Opus 11". I saved my #11 config and installed #12 on top.

If you go to Settings > Customize Toolbars, are your toolbars in the list there?

They may have been renamed with "(1)" on the end, depending on the original names.

The only toolbar in the menu is "Traybar(1)". I've now uninstalled #12, reinstalled #11 and the config is the same duff one from #12. Not happy at all. Can I have a refund please?

If you uninstall the config gets deleted. Could that be what happened before?

Do you have a backup of the config (via Settings > Backup & Restore) or the C drive/profile (the toolbars are easy to copy back if so)?

I didn't uninstall #11. Luckily I have a Macrium backup of the C: drive. I'd ;like a refund please. I don't want #12 thanks all the same.

Right, I've got #11 back where I want it and I've spent enough time on this; not at all transparent. Please can I cancel my certificate for #12.

Restoring the toolbars into Opus 11 or 12 would've been the exact same process from where you were. If you change your mind I can help here.

I can only deal with tech support questions. If you have sales/refund requests, please contact sales: https://www.gpsoft.com.au/footer/contact.html

Very sorry: my (silly) mistake. I installed #12 Light over #11 Pro. Hopefully no-one else will.

That makes sense now. The Light version only has limited toolbar editing for additional custom toolbars, and doesn't allow the main toolbars to be modified or swapped out.

I've added a brief note to the guide in case anyone else gets confused by the same thing.