Upgrade from 8 to 9 - lost applications toolbar

First off, I've been searching for half an hour and haven't found my solution.
I installed v9 over v8 and under "customize" I see the (1) versions of my old toolbars, etc. However, I don't see my old applications toolbar listed with a (1). Where did it go and is it recoverable?

Also, how do I get rid of the new versions and rename my old versions to get rid of the (1)?

It could be that the new applications toolbar has overwritten your old - not sure. Is there an applications toolbar at all?

As for putting the old toolbars over the top - it's not recommended that you do this simply because a lot of things changed between 8 and 9 and you may well have buttons on your old toolbar that would be better off with new raw commands/arguments. It's far better to keep the new toolbars and modify them by adding customized buttons from your old toolbars. To do this just open both toolbars and dragndrop between them in customize mode.

I'd be happy to drag buttons from my old application bar to the new one (which DOES show up by the way), if I could just find it! I have backups - where would I find the application bar for version 8?

Then, after I'm done dragging, how do I remove the (1) old versions from the system?

Unless there's an old toolbar folder within your toolbar folder then I'd guess it's gone for good.

I wasn't talking about dragging buttons from your apps toolbar anyway - I was talking about the other toolbars.

You can remove the (1) versions by using the toolbars tab in the customize dialog.

Check the actual toolbars folder (/dopusdata/Buttons) and see if there's an "Old" directory in there - if so, your old Applications toolbar should be inside that.

Thanks! I didn't have a /dopusdata nor an "old" folder. I just had "Buttons" under "Directory Opus". I did find the applications there along with a few others that looked pretty old. Is this a leftover from v8 and can I now delete it? It looks like all the settings for v9 are now under "documents and settings\all users\application data\gpsoftware\directory opus".

Everybody have a /dopusdata... it's an alias...
It's a shortcut for "c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\gpsoftware\directory opus".

See here New XML-based Configuration

And here Folder Aliases

Don't delete the settings folders that are under Program Files. When a new user uses Opus for the first time they will be copied to that user's profile directory (under Documents and Settings if you're on XP) from Program Files.