Upgrade to 12 - Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade

I have just upgraded from Opus 10 to Opus 12.
I read the manual, which said "The installer is also an updater - it can install Opus on a new machine or it can install a new version over an existing version. (When updating, do not uninstall the old version first, unless you wish to reset your configuration to the factory defaults.)"
So I installed v12 over v10, and it was very easy indeed.
I got a huge fright when I saw my lister toolbars had completely changed after the udate, but was reassured by the message:
*"Don't panic! Your old toolbars have been renamed and can still be accessed from the Customize dialog. They have also been saved as a toolbar set so you can easily switch back to them if you want."
But there was no indication how to access them or switch back. And the Customize dialog is so complicated for the occasional user like me, that trying to restore old toolbars is a mammoth task. It was only after searching on this forum that I discovered how to do so.
So first of all, many congratulations are in order for making it so easy to restore my toolbars.
But I must suggest the process could have been made so much less alarming and intimidating if the message that they had changed also pointed to a web page, or a page in the manual, where one could read how to restore them.

Another key point - both the installation process manual should warn one that it is a very good idea to save all one's settings before upgrading and over-writing an old version with a new one, and explain how to do so! (Yes I feel very stupid for not realising I should have have done so!)
Anyway, Opus continues to amaze me with everything it can do, and how essential it is.
Well done.

If you didn't find it in the UI or in the manual, it's the fifth item in the FAQs list here:

I think if you've customized your toolbars a lot then it shouldn't be hard to find the old toolbars after an upgrade, since you'd probably be familiar with how Customize works. And if you haven't, then you don't usually need to worry about the toolbars.

We do plan to make a future installer which automatically backs up settings for you. That is a good idea for lots of reasons.