Upgrade to V12 issue

Hello ....

Is there any way to install V12 then restore your data from a previous version (in this case V10) without losing some of the features of V12? For example, the HIDDEN feature in the Status Bar. Restoring my previous Backup does away with that totally. To have to set everything up again is just ridiculous.

Any help appreciated



Installing an Opus upgrade does not wipe your configuration unless you uninstall first - everything should be just as you left it.

You can export your configuration using the Settings / Backup & Restore tool, and then restore it after the upgrade if you want to make doubly sure that your configuration is preserved.

Yes but please READ what I have said. If I restore my config file I lose functions in v12 - the HIDDEN feature on the Status bar for example.

All hidden items are always shown and in red.

What exactly is the "hidden feature" you're referring to?

You can reset the status bar Preferences page to get the new default status bar configuration after loading an older config.

(Or add the new status bar codes to the old config manually, if you want to add them while keeping a custom status bar setup.)