Upgraded to DO12 - Folder Tree and File Display issues

In general, loving the update.

A couple of things have changed as I upgraded from 10 to 12 though, and I can't find how to fix them.

DOpus 10:

DOpus 12:

  1. In 12 the Windows folders (Documents, Downloads, Music etc.) are missing
  2. In 12 there is a band of extra, wasted space above the 'Navigate Up' icon in the File Display

Is there a way to bring back the Windows folders and remove the wasted space from the File Display?

Many thanks.

  1. Those folders were never intended to be in the drives list, and are present elsewhere in the tree (although it looks like you've turned them off there). Windows 10 added them to the drives list, and Opus 11 was quickly updated to filter them out, which carries over into Opus 12. As well as adding redundant clutter to the tree which got in the way of the drives list, they caused a lot of confusion as they make it so three slightly different versions of those folders exist in the same folder tree, sometimes close to each other.

You can turn the proper items back on under Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents. Libraries is probably the only one you need to turn on. User Profile folder contains some related folders. You can also use Favorites or Quick Access to add tree branches which you are in control of, instead of what Microsoft thinks are the folders you want links to in the tree.

  1. That will be fixed in the next update. Turning off Preferences / File Displays / Options / Show sort header in icon modes fixes it in most cases for now.

Thanks, Leo!

That fixed both issues.

Kind regards.