Upgrading to 13

i'm assuming that when i upgrade to opus 13 that my settings and installed buttons will be preserved?

Yes. A full backup is still a good idea. Enjoy v13 :slight_smile:

thanks so much sir.

I'm running a customized DOPUS 12 pro with scripts and toolbars from the DearOpus fellow (who is apparently long gone); did the customizing years ago and I don't have a good backup of how it was originally. How would I "start over" with DOPUS 13?

As much as possible. Some settings have moved, in which case they may not be preserved. For me, anything major was still there, keeping it fully functional as expected, with only some minor settings needed to be set up again.

Make a config backup of how it is currently (Settings > Backup and Restore). Then install 13 (without uninstalling 12). It should all still be there and working.

If anything isn't working, you can install 12 again and load the config backup.

Cool! Thanks for taking the time to help.

There's no need to start over with a clean slate. v13 lets you reset your settings segment by segment. Back up v12 and hop in!

If you do want to reset your whole configuration, you can do that via Settings > Backup & Restore in Opus 13. It will require you make a backup of the current settings before it lets you reset everything.

Kudos to the developers... you're doing a great job! Using DOpus since ages of Amiga. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

After upgrading I also imported all my old settings, but to be honest: Try a fresh install. In my opinion the default settings are almost perfect and I'm using DOpus daily for my IT-job. Countless times a day using this software.

Everything that's not fitting could be re-configured, though it's a good choice not take all old habits with you over years. :upside_down_face: