USB configuration export


Can I export a configuration from a usb stick created with a "portable" version of DO?

On a USB install, the config files are all below the DOPUS folder on the USB stick. You can zip up the folder to back up the config. (You might want to skip the EXE and DLL files, of course.)

But after the zipping how do I use that in a PC installation?

You can manually copy the config folders over the folders with the same names under /dopusdata

(There are also some under /dopuslocaldata and /dopusglobaldata but you probably don't want or need to copy those ones.)

Edit / Select Other / Select Source to Destination can help you select only the folders which already exist on the other side. (Although it's best to fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) and then do the copy with something else, as some config files will be overwritten on exit and/or only read when the program starts.)

dopousdata refers to User\Application Data\gpsoftware\Directory Opus or User\Local Settings\Application Data\gpsoftware\Directory Opus in W XP?

I replaced data in the first one but the result is different from the USB stick.

You should only copy over the folders which are already there. Some go to each location, although you probably only want to do the /dopusdata ones.

/dopusdata is an alias. Type it into the location field to find out where it points.

(BTW, WIndows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft so it's time to stop using it.)

dopusdata here is alias of All users\application data\gpsoftware\directory opus.

Configuration successfully copied.

Windows XP - I'll think about it. Question of available money to buy it.