USB Dongle issue

I am a contractor at a corporate site. I exported my Directory Opus to a USB drive with the dongle option checked. At my corp. computer I copied the portable app Directory Opus folder to the C drive. The USB drive is still present but when I run the program I am getting the Licence Manager dialog with this text.

[quote]The USB device used to export Directory Opus can not be found.

When Directory Opus is exported to a USB device, the exported version will only run from that specific USB device( or, when the USB device is used as a "dongle", it must be present in the system for the exported copy to run). (20010).[/quote]

I have the USB drive present in the system. I can see the USB drive and files with Windows Explorer. Is there something else I need to do to get Directory Opus to run?

If you bring up (right-click the drive) > Properties > Hardware > (select the device) > Properties, does it show that Windows thinks it's on a USB bus?

Yes windows shows it as a USB Mass Storage Device.

Thanks for checking that.

If you take the USB stick back home to the machine that did the export, then fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) so the installed copy is not running in the background, and then run the USB copy, does that work OK?

(After launching the USB copy, type /home into the location field to confirm you're definitely running it from the USB stick. It should take you to where the current running version is located.)

If it works on one machine but not another, using the same USB stick and same data on the stick, then my guess is that something on the work machine is making it appear to be a different USB stick which Opus doesn't recognise as the one the export was written to. e.g. Some corporate environments run things that make USB sticks read-only, which perhaps could cause something similar (although not usually or before now, in my experience at least).

If it does not work even on the machine at home, it's worth trying to do another export in case something went wrong the first time. Please also try the non-dongle mode in case that behaves differently, which might provide a direction to investigate further.

The USB does work on my home computer. The environment at work seems to be doing something to how the USB is viewed. Thanks for your help. At this point I guess I will review my options. Maybe I will just purchase a copy for work.