USB Export For Additional Laptop

Is it possible to use the USB export option to make a copy to use from the folder of a single laptop? Maybe by making a copy to the USB device then copying the files over to a folder on the laptop.

What I am looking for is a way to use the program on the 2 laptops until I am sure I have everything I need from the desktop before uninstalling the program and just using the 2 laptops.

If you need any further information about it, please let me know.



The Use this drive as a dongle option lets you export to a different location - the selected USB drive will only be used to validate the exported licence.!Documents/Exporting_to_USB.htm

Installing it normally should be fine, as long as it's just for that short period. (You could even install it in trial mode on the new machine until you're ready to move it over.)

Thanks for the quick replies. I'll give it a try next time I am on that laptop.