USB Export - Installed Icon Sets

When I export to USB the option to include Installed Icon Sets is greyed out. I'm using Opus Only the default icon set is exported. Directory Opus 8 Icon Set is left behind.

On related matters, where do I find the Directory Opus 8 Icon Set? I scratched around all of the Opus directories but couldn't find anything likely looking.

Regards, AB

I think it only exports icon sets which are actually used by your config. Not sure though.

Icon sets are in /dopusdata/Icons and /dopusglobaldata/Icons, depending on how they were installed.

/dopusdata/icons is empty. I am using icons from the default set and Directory Opus 8 Icon Set. Only the default set is exported. I would have expected both to go to the USB device, since they are both part of the standard DOpus distribution.

Regards, AB

What about the other path I mentioned, /dopusglobaldata/Icons?

I've since done some testing and my previous guess was wrong. The Opus 8 icon set isn't exported even if it is in use. It seems that icon sets in /dopusglobaldata are not exported; only those in /dopusdata are. I've filed a bug report with GPSoftware.

If you copy the .dis file to the USB stick manually then it should work for now.