USB export to truecrypt volume

I would like to export my Dopus installation to my Truecrypt encrypted USB stick.
Since the volume is mounted with a drive letter, Dopus does not recognize it as a USB drive and hence cannot transfer the installation.
I tried to export it to the USB drive anyway and then move it to the Truecrypt volume, but then the registration info was lost.
Leaving it on the unencrypted part is no good, since I have a lot of ftp logins stored in Dopus.

Is there anything I can do (apart from buying a U3 enabled USB stick)?

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As I understand things, Opus will only do a USB export to devices connected via a USB bus, which excludes TrueCrypt devices.

If you only want the encryption for FTP passwords, have you considered storing the passwords in a password manager like Keepass? You could then have Opus and Keepass on the USB stick directly (i.e. not in TrueCrypt) and store the FTP passwords (and any others you want to take with you, e.g. website passwords) in Keepass's database, which it encrypts itself.

You can set Keepass to auto-type into Opus's FTP password prompts when you push a hotkey, making it all pretty seamless.

This was also what I posted about before. This is not a solution. The makers of DOpus should reconsider their policy. We do need an export to an encrypted volume. This just doesn't make sense.

You should tell GPSoftware if you need it.

Out of interest, why do you need to do this? For FTP passwords or something else?

Yes, it's solely for protecting my FTP passwords. I have a lot of sites to maintain for my company and I already have an old U3 enabled USB stick with Dopus on. It's huge convenience to have it with me in case I need to fix something, but I'm sure my company would not like the ftp access to fall into the wrong hands. Since U3 doesn't seem to work on Windows 7 I don't really have any alternative yet.

In my case for 2 reasons.

First because I paid for this software I want to protect my license. If I put it on a USB and someone stoles it, he can use the software.
Second and the more logical reason is that I or anyone else that encrypts the entire USB drive for safety reasons, have to make a second small partition just for DOPUS to work. Does that sound logical?

Makes sense. I think the problem from GPSoftware's point of view is that you can simply copy that drive to copy the program. (Opus can't tell that it's an encrypted drive and I don't think has any way to tell which USB drive the virtual drive is stored on.)

You can always ask GPSoftware though; at least then they will know there is some demand for this ability.

Well if that is what they think, consider this, I (anyone) who want to copy(pirate) DOPUS, I (anyone) would not use the copy with the license that has my name on it. I (anyone) would use a pirated copy. With this way they are only punishing the legitimate customers. This doesn't prevent piracy. Pirated copies will always exist. What you want to do is to reward your customers and make your software offer attractive. People actually reward fair use. You know, they sell non-DRM MP3 nowadays. People Buy them and I'm one of them.

Maybe it would make sense, if GPSoft would introduce some special export option, which requires
a password before the portable version is launched. So a lost stick won´t be such a big problem
anymore, regarding the Opus licence.

It's not about your licence and there are already pirate copies using a loophole in the current USB export system.

But, anyway, I am just guessing what they would think. No point arguing with me about it; if you want the feature, tell GPSoftware you want it.

Password protection before opus starts from USB will be nice anyway. I'm always afraid that I lost my pendrive.

FWIW, I spoke to Jon @ GPSoftware and mentioned this stuff, and he has an idea that would let people use Opus from encrypted USB drives. Like all ideas, it's competing with hundreds of others, so if this is something you want let GPSoftware know so that it's more likely to get to the top of the list.

Ok, thanks.

hi Leo,
news about the possibility of installing opus on encripted usb pen?
I just bought and aso bother me if you lose your pen drive could use my license.


No change so far.

If you lose your pen drive you can always export Opus to another one.

Why you all so afraid losing your licenses? First, it can't be used other way than with the stolen/lost stick, second contact GP and get a new license blacklisting the original one. Last not least DO is not used by the whole world, most people wouldn't know about its functions or how it works.

Protecting data like FTP-Passwords makes sense, but AFAIK there're some other tools than U3 which protects usb-sticks and there's no need for tc.

it's not about the license. it's about the ftp access stored on the usb key.

Please work on this licensing issue and try to give us better solutions for exporting. The way Directory Opus behaves is very restrictive and I have already been studying other software solutions.
For example, XYplorer is perfectly portable and allows to work on a truecrypt volume on the go.

This is a deal breaker for me and I will not support or upgrade newer versions of DOpus if this issue is not resolved.

As said above, if you want this & want to chase it up then you should send a message to GPSoftware Support rather than the forum. (A link to the support page is in my signature.)

Done, please everyone send a ticket.