USB exported Opus explorer replacement

I recently replaced OS from Windows 7 to 8 and noticed that latest beta of Opus Pro when exported to USB does not feature Explorer replacement option in preferences. That option was there before (in USB exported version), but now it's gone (btw it properly shows that it is Pro and USB dongle is recognized properly). What can I do to get that option back? No registry hacking was needed before, Opus replaced Explorer and when Opus was quit (from tray icon) Explorer was restored as default FM automatically.

Explorer Replacement on USB has to be specifically enabled as described at the bottom of ... to_USB.htm

Thanks, this worked! However, because I have Opus launcher (DOPUS.exe) pinned to taskbar, when Opus launcher does its thing I'm left with two Opus taskbar buttons - one inert from Opus launcher (pinned one) and another blue one belonging to active instance of Opus (started by Opus launcher). Is there any workaround for that?

Not that I can think of, since they're different programs.