USB Flash Drive compatibility


I am currently evaluating DO8.
I have been quite happy with the features but have one big problem.
I purchased a delkin compact flash pocket reader to be able to use my compact flash cards as removable drives.
When I plug the reader into the USB port it's is immediatly recognized by XP Porfessional and properly display and accessed using Windows Explorer. In DO, it just is not present on My Computer or anywhere else. Curiously, though, if I press the right mouse button over a file and go to Send To option, the drive is available there as a destination...

Is there a known bug when using flash drives in DO8? I have tried searching the forum brfore posting, but whenever I click on a link on the search results I get a message saying I cannot access this forum, exactly the same I am posting to now...

Thanks for any help.

I haven't heard of this problem before. It's especially weird since the My Computer view in Opus is actually supplied by Explorer, so if it appears in Explorer it should appear in Opus as well.

When My Computer is showing in Opus, does pressing F5 make it refresh and display the new drive letter?

Does the drive appear in the tree within Opus?

What happens if you type the drive letter into the Opus address bar? Is it just that you can't see it in My Computer, or are you unable to navigate to it at all inside Opus?

If you right-click the empty area of a toolbar, then go into the Toolbars menu and turn on the Drives toolbar, does your flash device appear with the other drives?

(I think the Drives toolbar is standard but if it isn't listed for you you can go into Customize mode and then drag the DriveButtons command to any toolbar. The tutorial video on toolbar customization shows how to do this.)

What if you insert the flash device and then exit and restart Opus? (Don't just close the Opus lister windows but use the File, Exit menu item, which is also in the tray-icon menu.)

For what it's worth, I use a USB CF card reader with Opus and it works fine so hopefully we can work out what's going wrong and get yours working too.

I'll check on those questions and get back to you asap. It's rather late at the moment I do ot have the CF reader with me.
Thanks for your interest.



If I type the letter in the address bar, then the selected panel shows the contents of the drive and I can use it correctly.

No. It does not appear.

Same situation. The only difference is that, because one of the panels was showing the contects of the drive when I exited, it opens showing this.
But it still does not show in either My Computer or the Drives Toolbar.

For what it's worth, I use a USB CF card reader with Opus and it works fine so hopefully we can work out what's going wrong and get yours working too.[/quote]

Thanks. I hope we manage it. I am sorry for taking so long is testing these situations, yesterday something was wrong with this site and I could not open the forums...