Use Directory Opus by default to open folders

How do I let the PC use Directory Opus by default to open the explorer

The first time to install the software according to the prompt wizard successfully set the default use of Directory Opus to open the Explorer, but the use of a short period of time after the strange disappearance, and I have no way to find the default settings, how do I need to operate The

Right click on the desktop, or double-click the My Computer icon to open the Directory Opus.

I am using the Directory Opus, which has been found in the program options for a long time, did not find the relevant settings

Explorer Replacement and Desktop Double-Click are only in the Pro version of Opus.

  • Light vs Pro has a summary of differences between the versions.
  • During evaluation you can switch between both versions to see which makes sense for you.
  • If you buy Light and later decide you want Pro, you can upgrade for just the difference in price here.

Hello, I am in China, the feeling of upgrading the professional version is still very expensive, I would like to ask, the software in what day will have a discount? If the price is right I will consider upgrading.

The official response is: please email

If that does not work, I suggest you keep monitoring GP Software's webpages, they put a notice when there is a sale (mainly around holidays). Maybe Bits Du Jour too, as I think they once made a sale there.

We have several distributors in China; they only sell the Pro version and it is priced for the local market.