Use dopus to create, edit fields (IPTC, XMP, etc.)?

Is it possible to use Dopus to enter information into the various fields that can be displayed as columns (in explorer view for instance)? I notice that Dopus can sort by fields like 'author' and 'document created', but can it be used to write to those fields? And are there any fields that can be used across various types of files (especially jpgs and pdfs), and that can be modified without opening each file in a dedicated program and clicking through to the properties or metadata entry dialogue?

I'm trying to sort a series of PDFs and jpegs that are in the same folder, and would like to assign a date, title, and creator of some sort to each one.

I've tried using the individual programs that manage these files, like Adobe Acrobat, but Dopus does not appear to be able to read the values created by Acrobat's file properties dialogue -- the "title" "author" "subject" created from within Acrobat do not appear in the Dopus columns.

Can anyone help me figure out a way to do this? I thought it might be possible to use audio or other categories, but I can't figure out how to write those values to the files, either the jpgs or the pdfs.

There seems to have been some discussion about creating IPTC functionality for Dopus, and both XMP and IPTC fields would be very useful, even if it were just a few key ones like IPTC creator, description, date created ...

Thanks very much for your help.

Opus can't currently edit those fields (except in MP3 files), though the possibility has been requested and might appear in the future.

What you can do is use the generic Set Description command. That works on all file types and stores the description in a hidden "descript.ion" file in the same folder as the file(s). (descript.ion files are also supported by several other programs.) Those descriptions will then appear in the Description column in Opus.

By default, you can access the command via File -> File Commands -> Set Description. If you use it a lot it'd be worth moving to somewhere more convenient.

Thanks, that's helpful.

If I were to edit the properties with a different program (I'm thinking of Exiftool GUI for JPGs and a PDF tool for PDFs), does anyone know of any informational fields that PDFs and JPGs share in common that would allow them to be sorted together?

Finally, if not, if we were dealing only with PDF files, are there any PDF fields that are recognized by Dopus and could be used as column headings? Windows 7 (and previous) does not recognize the fields from a PDF's properties; it would be great if Dopus did.


I don't have many PDF files to test against but from the release notes PDF that comes with Opus I can see that Opus can read the Title and Author fields at least (I doubt the file itself has many other fields defined):

Would like to bring up this subject again. Also would like to see DO being able to show/edit IPTC fields, like keywords, captions, supplementary categories, etc.
Of course I understand that DO isn't meant to replace programs like Photoshop, ACDSee whatsoever.
Also I know there are other applications that can handle these things (additionals installs, additional charges, learning curve, etc)
Considering that people are having a lot of digital photos nowadays, maybe DO may add this to one of their future releases .. ?

I already said:

If you want to nag someone about it, nag GPSoftware not this user-to-user forum. I expect they're working as hard as they can already,though. :slight_smile:

Of course, I already did... :smiley:
(with refererence to this thread)
Donot know if this is on their list though, but once there is more support here (on the forum), maybe they will indeed put it on their list (if it isn't there) or shift it up a bit higher.

Agreed--I think the user forum is a good place to express public support for new features, requests, etc. DO could become a much more relevant program, with a much larger user base of photographers (and, in my case, historians who use photos and PDFs as documents and need to be able to sort them by author, date sent, date received, etc., etc.), if the program were able to handle these fields. It's an important issue and deserves discussion! :smiley:

If you want to discuss ideas and how things could work with other users, this is a useful place to do it.

Just saying "me too" isn't what I'd call discussion. :slight_smile: It might still have some effect, if GPSoftware see the thread, but it's still important to write to GPSoftware as well if you just want to express support for an existing idea. By writing to them you'll ensure they definitely see your message, know that you wanted it enough to write to them and know the request is coming from a real customer.

Just saying "me too" doesn't get much in this case anyway as the idea is already on their to-do list. If you have specifics/details to discuss, go for it, but the basic idea is already on the list.