Use drt alias for dopusrt.exe

Hi folks yeah so basically why not use an alias for dopusrt and offer to add it to path during installation or in the settings?

& "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /CMD Properties SETLABEL=Red C:\Users-\Desktop\1.txt

would become

drt /CMD Properties SETLABEL=Red C:\Users-\Desktop\1.txt

or even drt Properties SETLABEL=Red C:\Users-\Desktop\1.txt

much more simple if possible?

I know I can set an alias for myself but I think most dopus users aren't aware of the command line options until at least a few years of use so that would be a good way to give it more visibility and accessibility?

Because most people don't run DOpusRT manually (you can run the commands inside Opus more easily, so there isn't much point) and using the full path in other software's configuration/scripts/batch files is not a problem and also more reliable.

It's generally bad to add directories to the global system PATH unless they're actually needed in an interactive Command Prompt, which DOpusRT isn't. Every thing added to it is the potential for something aiming to run one command to accidentally end up running another.

(Within Opus buttons, you can already use "DOpusRT" on its own without specifying the full path, as a convenience.)

The other way is to send a message to DOpus.

thanks for the button tip I will look into it!