Use Fayt Select to select multiple matches

Can I use the Fayt select field (colon) to select multiple matches?

For example: I want to return all files that have "example" in the filename and have the extension.jpg?

I couldn't get it done with filter bar either

That's what select mode does; all files matching the string you type will be selected.

So it's not possible? And what about filter bar?

Yes it's possible, select mode in the FAYT does exactly what you're asking for.

I'm talking about multiple strings. For example. I want to address al files like example.jpg but not example .psd. So I need 2 strings matched.

For example in fayt range I can select multiple ranges with a comma. How do I do that with select mode or filter bar

:*example*.jpg would do that.

I'm confused about where the problem is?

Thanks a lot guys. Asterix was what I needed. Didn't know about the asterix. There is no problem further. Sorry for the confusion.