Use USB Export/Dongle export to run Dopus over RDP connection

I often connect to machines using Remote Desktop Manager from Devolutions (no difference really from MS RDP). I'd like to be able to run the portable DOPUS from my USB drive (which is plugged into my own machine) on the desktop of those machines (via the TSCLIENT connected drive letter) when connecting as if I was there plugging USB drive to that machine. Is this possible? Currently I only have the 1 USB export license, not the Dongle. I figured before I purchased that I'd see if that was what I would need to make it work.

Thanks in advance.

If you have a USB Export licence then you should already have the option of exporting in Dongle mode. It's just an option when you do the export, and part of the main USB Export add-on and not a separate add-on on top of that.

It may work over Remote Desktop as long as the USB device itself is passed through to the remote side. It won't work if the device remains assigned to the local side and has its files & folders shared to the remote side via a network share; the USB device itself would need to be passed through.

RPD has options for USB passthrough as well as for mapping drive letters to local drives. It's not something I've tried with a USB Export of Opus, but the USB passthrough route is the one that is most likely to work.

Hi Leo,
I purchased 2 USB lic.
I understood that I could put Opus on a jump drive and plug it into my other computer and run Opus from the jump drive.
Is this a correct understanding of what I purchased?
Tell me how, all the steps in puting Opus on a jump drive.
Did I miss a download too?
Where Are the instruction for creating a USB jump drive with Opus on it?
If I cant do this I would appreciate my money back for the 2 Lic purchase.
Opus is a great program!!!
This part is not working out so well.
Please help.
I spent an hour trying to find any reference to this USB topic.
If it is going to take more of my lifetime to get this option then I would prefer my money back.
Dr. Robert Mueller

Please email me so I don't have to go through your hundreds of files to fine an answer.
If email is to much work just please refund my money.
My life is to short for all this trouble

You can check if USB Export is enabled via Help > Licence Manager.

If it is not enabled, make sure you have installed the new, updated new licence/certificate file which should have been emailed to you after buying the USB Export option (if it was not added when you first bought Opus).

With the proper licence installed, instructions for the rest can be found here in the manual: Exporting to USB (also available within the program via the F1 key or Help menu).