User actions on lister events

hi there,

simple question.... is it possible to have useraction on specific lister events, like this?
i drop very often images from internet explorer or firefox to the opus lister, now i would like to have a action on these pictures
like automatic resize or something like that.

anyone knows how to realize this?
thanks for help...

You could drop the images onto a button, which is configured to resize your images, that´s possible.
What exactly did you have in mind, when you say automatic resize?

for example i get from google images covers for some mp3 albums, actually i drag and drop the
picture from IE directly into the albumfolder and use the an userdefined hotkey to change the size to 256px x 256px
and after that the cover will become a new filename from an specific part of the folder name, in this case it is the
catalog number. would be really nice if this could be done automatic by acting to such events.

i already thought about to write something like this by my self, but i would prefer to do this part in opus as well
such as all the other things we can do there very handy...

thanks for the idea with the button, i'll think this way...

You can try this code, if it maybe is what you want. You can also tweak it, i think
it´s a good starting point. In case you don´t know how to use it, just copy the code, then go into customize mode,
then insert it in your toolbar (Ctrl-V). Note, that this button is "drop only", so it won´t do anything if
you click it. Drag the images onto the button instead.

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none"> <label>Convert to JPG</label> <icon1>#viewerpane2</icon1> <function type="normal"> <instruction>@filesfromdroponly </instruction> <instruction>Image CONVERT=jpg WIDTH=256 HEIGHT=256 PRESERVEASPECTRATIO HERE</instruction> </function> </button>

Is there a way to save the original size by adding a char to the start of name. Having it work in an auto mode, no "already contains a file named". This is completely new to me, events, just as it is is great. I would be very interested in what is happening in the above code. I have no experience with java, if that is what it is. So in the parentheses this is what a think is happening.

<?xml version="1.0"?> (the language being used)

(Not a clue)
Convert to JPG (Opus label for the button)
#viewerpane2 (not sure if it's a opus function or a viewer)
( Normal to what)
@filesfromdroponly (Not a clue)

I sure would like to better understand butI do realize this is way over the top when it comes to getting help. I might mention I already have used the code you uploaded and it works beautiful.


looks interesting, but how to copy/move the dropped image to the destinaton folder.

thnx for help...

Since direct drag & drop from browsers is not supported, you have to save your images manually first. It is possible to change the button code, in a way
that your download location will be opened in one side of the lister, your destination folder at the other side, if it is a fixed location.

The way the button is configured now, it uses the "HERE" parameter, dropping the dragged file to the current active lister side.