User command with Alt-click won't work properly

I'm still experimenting with the internal PLAY command. Now i have made an user command, that's using the code below. However, after having it assigned to Alt-click under the 'Music' file type group , the two standard players (AIMP and 5KPlayer) will still fire up, when i use that combi. What could be the reason?

Select none
=return (selfiles==1 && Match(file, "grp:Music", "f")) ? "Play QUIET" : ""

Something's wrong with the association.

Did you do it like this?




Somehow the Alt modifier gets intercepted or suppressed. Try swapping the two entries.

Worked here btw with the Select command removed.

No, that doesn't work here (removing SELECT NONE). The files keep being opened with either AIMP or 5KPlayer. Looks like the normal lecft click action is defeating the Alt-click functionality.

No, must be something else. Works here:

Hmm, i'm not sure, why it doesn't work here. I will keep researching sometime later. Thank you!