User Commands losing

User Commands in /dopusdata are always deleted accidentally, It's been a long time. I don’t know where it affected it.

I have several user-commands which are between 3 and 6 years old and have never been deleted in all that time.

If you can think of anything that might be triggering it, let us know and we'll investigate, but this doesn't give us anything to go on so far.

It's also possible another tool is deleting them from disk or blocking Opus from reading them for some reason (e.g. "privacy" tools sometimes do this if they think a file contains "personal information", and they often have false positives).

You can see the files where user commands are stored by typing /dopusdata/UserCommands into the path field in Opus. Are your missing commands there but not being listed in the program? Is anything external to Opus synching or otherwise modifying that directory or its parents?

I can reproduce it now. in my /dopusdata/UserCommands, there is a file named backup, and it will be backuped with DOpus' backup.

If the file backup existed, when I enter the customize mode, after Cancel, all of UserCommands will missing.

And I noticed that, if I deleted it, reactive the customize mode, there will be a folder named backup, with all of UserCommands in it.

It seems like the file backup prevented th folder backup's generating.

I don't know why there is a file backup, maybe its existence is also related to folder backup's generating.

There shouldn't be a file named backup there. Did you create it by hand by any chance?

A file named backup in that folder will result in problems, since it gets in the way of the user commands being copied into a backup folder while they are edited (so they can be restored if you cancel the customize dialog).

We'll add some checks to try and move such a file out of the way if it appears again, but a file with that name also shouldn't be there in the first place.

I don't know how long it's been there, but I'm sure I won't create it by hand, I use a sync tool to sync it once, as I know it won't create such file too.

Maybe change this folder name to .backup is better, sync tool ignore such folder is easy.

p.s. If allow change the dopusdata alias as a Advance option, so I can change it to another folder to sync, now I have to create a symbolic link to do this.

Maybe don't use sync tools that add random files to configuration directories. They will mess up more than just this.