User Description not refreshed in column after renaming file

After renaming a file with an existing user description, I opened the description editor (Ctrl-P) and - as expected - the edit popup does not contain the current description text. However, this text still shows in the Description column in Details view, and it also shows up in the "recents" dropdown list. This led me to think the metadata had survived the renaming process, and should therefore continue to show up as the default text in the entry field.

Out of curiosity, I refreshed the lister (F5), and the Description column then DID become blank, indicating that the user description was NOT preserved through the renaming process. This is, in fact, what I was expecting, although I can see value in both behaviours.

So the bug is that the lister isn't immediately updated when the User Description metadata is trashed due to renaming, although it IS updated the next time the lister is refreshed.


Have you switched off normal descriptions and turned on descript.ion files?

Normal descriptions should be preserved when a file is renamed. Descript.ion ones may depend on preferences settings (I'd have to check).

No, I'm using the NTFS metadata, not descript.ion files.

I haven't tested this with the regular Description column, just the UserDescription alternative.

Now it's behaving differently.

I'm renaming the file and it's preserving the user description, and not blanking the column display, even after F5.

The original event took place immediately after I added a new file to the folder. Perhaps the fact that it was a new file left the lister's dirty bit in some other state ... ?

So far I haven't been able to repeat it, but I originally reported that the UserDescription was trashed after renaming, and now it isn't, so the nature of the bug is a bit more serious, and a lot harder to reproduce. Damn. I'll keep fiddling.

I've tried to reproduce about 5 steps prior to the anomaly, but it works correctly every time.
I also tried some variations in sequence, new instances, etc., etc., but no anomaly.

So I guess it's an Emily Latella moment. "Nevermind."

I'm using User Descriptions a lot these days, so I'll definitely let you know if it happens again.

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